Villa Necchi Campiglio Milan

On my recent trip to Chiavari, I also spent a few days in Milan and visited the magnificent Villa Necchi.
This architectural masterpiece at no. 12 Mozart was designed by Piero Portaluppi between 1932 and 1935 for Angelo Campiglio and the Necchi sisters, Nedda and Gigina, Angelo’s wife.They were important producers of cast iron and enameled sewing machines. In the mid 1940’s Tomaso Buzzi was brought in to renovate and decorate the house as the Necchi family’s tastes changed. Thankfully, in 2001 the residence was given to the Italian Fund for the Environment and opened to the public in 2008. Now, you can take a tour of the entire house and examine every detail as I did. Following are the images I took in sequential order capturing a truly inspiring tour of the Villa Necchi.

Approach through the garden from Via Mozart
Entry and facade
Entry Hall with L’amante morta (Deceased Lover) by Arturo Martini at foot of the stairs
The Library featuring rosewood bookcases and game table by Guglelmo Ulrich
The intricate stucco ceiling of the Library
The Veranda with travertine and green marble in a pattern of wide interwoven bands
Original ‘S’-shaped sofa in the Veranda
Custom lapis lazuli table in the Veranda
Detail of lapis lazuli table
Light filtering through the double glass wall greenhouse with brass radiator detail
Detail of window hardware at double walled glass panels
German Silver sliding doors from the Veranda into the Library
Dining Room centerpiece by Alfredo Ravasco in lapis lazuli, agate and coral
Butler’s Pantry (Second Office) exposes china designed by Portaluppi as well
The Gallery separating the sisters’ bedrooms identically composed
Sitting area outside the Master Bedroom
Master Bath
Guest bedroom with walnut and briarwood furnishings
Bathroom with star window detail in marble
Descending the stairs to the Entry Hall

Tilda Swinton starred in “I Am Love” last year in which the house played an important role.

Link to the Villa Necchi Campiglio Museum
The Villa Necchi

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    • Andy Goldsborough

      It truly is!  You must see it in person.  Cheers, Andy

  1. Gaines Blackwell

    Andy, I have already become spoiled! I now look forward to seeing the next episode. There is a book within you……Gaines

    • Andy Goldsborough

      Gaines, you are the reason I write these posts!  A book would be a dream!  Hope you and your family are well!  xx A

  2. Cnealy

    What an exquisite house with details to die for!  And captured by your great eye. 


    Lovely facade and very  interesting photos with quality details. Great idea to share it !
    Cheers !!

  4. Mary

    Andy, Killer posts all, and especially The Villa Necchi.  Will stay tuned!


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