James Turrell / Aten Reign

Aten Reign, the new James Turrell light sculpture opened Friday night at the Guggenheim and I was there to get a first look at this incredible new work.  The rotunda of Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic architectural landmark has been transformed many times and in very different ways but Turrell’s installation reshapes the round volume into an other worldly ellipse combining artificial and natural light from the sky above.  Referencing his most famous work of 1979 Roden Crater Project he has once again created a mind boggling achievement in the Guggenheim.  All of the open areas between the bullnosed concrete hand rails and ceiling typically open to view work across the rotunda have been completely enclosed allowing the work to be viewed only from below.  The ramps have been confined to foot traffic only so that the volume is one soaring space with extraordinary depth looking up to the skylight above.  Following are the images I was able to capture of part of this beautiful cycle of light and color.  Don’t miss this masterpiece of art, design, light and architecture!  Aten Reign remains on view at the Guggenheim through September 25th.









James Turrell photo by Scott Rudd for the Guggenheim
James Turrell photo by Scott Rudd for the Guggenheim




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