Gio Ponti / Parco dei Principi Sorrento

Recently, I took my mom on a trip to Italy that I will never forget. We started in Rome (more on that later) and then traveled south to Sorrento for a weekend at Gio Ponti’s Parco dei Principi, designed in 1962. The approach to the hotel is through a lush garden that feels much more like a tropical Brazilian landscape but once you reach the blue and white facade, it’s unmistakably Ponti.

Entry gate to the Parco dei Principi
Garden approach to the hotel
Parco dei Principi facade

After checking in, we dashed up to the room and I was truly speechless, gazing at the view and the spare but 100% Ponti designed furnishings and tile floor. Gio Ponti has influenced my design work since college and I will cover his architecture, furniture and lighting, accessories and ceramics in a future post.

Gio Ponti vanity/desk and Superleggera chair
Console table and valet
Headboard detail
Mom making a quick call before we head downstairs for a drink……the view of the ocean beyond

Next, we were off to the bar but the weather was so beautiful a waiter asked if we’d like to sit outside?

Mom at the bar

Of course, but we didn’t see any furniture by the pool.


He disappeared and all of sudden we had our own table on the veranda with the pool behind us and the view of the Amalfi Coast in front of us.

Following are my pictures of the interior and exterior during taken over our 3 day stay in one of Gio Ponti’s most iconic buildings.

Jetty below the hotel

View of hotel from the jetty below

The blue lounge at night

Lobby and reception desk
Mailbox designed by Gio Ponti

Link to the hotel below

Hotel Parco dei Principi

4 Responses to “Gio Ponti / Parco dei Principi Sorrento”

  1. Gaines Blackwell

    Andy, you could start a magazine, in a way you have . Gio Ponti was a hero of mine when I was young , my memories of his work long faded until this morning. What a delight to have coffee while visiting with the Owl  and reminiscing about Gio Ponti before going upstairs to work. I have you to thank for that.  You have energised this old brain.

    • Andy Goldsborough

      Gaines, I’m so glad you are enjoying reading the posts!  Hearing your feedback is such encouraging support for the Gilded Owl and I hope to continue inspiring you with future posts.  Have a great day! 

  2. Randall Todd

    Hi Andy.  Beautiful images of a place I’ve yet to visit.  Feels so cinematic!  I find myself coming back to the images of the floor tiles of all things.  Utterly fixated.  The restaurant walls have me wondering – what sort of works were they?  The application seems more organized than decoupage.  Fantastic trip!

    • Andy Goldsborough

      Hi Randall.  It really does feel like you’re on a movie set when you’re there.  I think there are over a dozen different floor tile patterns in the rooms and public spaces and I only captured a few in the post.  The wall tiles in the lounge, lobby, and restaurant are larger rectangular tiles that have more gradated colors and texture to them.  You can see slightly where the light was hitting them in the restaurant image.  I think this is the only place he used these tiles but they’re quite beautiful as well in person.  Wish I had captured them close up to show you.  Worth a visit sometime for sure!


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