Emilio Pucci New York

The new Emilio Pucci store on Madison Avenue designed by Joseph Dirand opened last month and was inspired by the palazzo in Florence, Italy. A collaboration between the new Creative Director Peter Dundas and French architect Joseph Dirand, the design combines classical elements with modern sensibilities. The marble windows on Madison Avenue create a facade within a facade in this elegant landmark building. Inside a color palette of purple, cream and gold create the perfect backdrop for the colorful, patterned clothing that Pucci is known for. Breccia dei Medici purple veined marble found in the Palazzo Pucci has been used in combination with brass and glass to create display cases set upon a patterned two tone terrazzo floor to create the ultimate shopping experience.

Two tone grey and white terrazzo entry with Breccia dei Medici display cabinets and brass and gold glass mirrors

Detail of brass shelving display

“The new concept screams sophistication, craftsmanship and luxury totally in line with the history of the House”, adds Emilio Pucci Vice President and Image Director Laudomia Pucci, “all of which are key Made in Italy values. But they have been considered through a very fresh lens. It’s a great moment for us, and a superb evolution for the brand.”

The eveningwear room with Pierre Paulin “Ribbon Chairs from 1966 and custom aubergine silk carpet and sofa
The oversize fitting rooms with pink velvet upholstered walls, silk carpet and custom brass light fixtures and details


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  1. Andy Goldsborough

    Thanks Carl!  It’s really a beautiful store.  Look forward to seeing you Wednesday.

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