Cristina Grajales

Cristina Grajales is the most passionate design enthusiast you will ever meet! She founded her eponymous gallery in January of 2001 and has since become a true visionary for what is both relevant and beautiful in the realm of creative types all over the world. When she left DeLorenzo Gallery and started her new venture she set out to be a “decorative arts advisor” sensing that there was something missing from the design world.

Cristina’s fantastic current show New York, New York
Sam Baron, Bouquet de Tables
Christophe Come table in iron with moongold leaf, glass roundrels and white gold leaf
Christophe Come Exhibition at Duke & Duke Gallery

Architect and designer Jean Prouve’s daughter, Simone Prouve, was the first textile designer Cristina was seduced by and began to represent. Grajales says she has to be “completely in love, be completely seduced” by an artists work to show them in the gallery. She really understands artists but cares deeply about the craftsmanship of what’s being made and the story behind the artists’ work. Cristina’s first client, Sandy Hill, asked her to build a furniture collection for a 4000 square foot house in Santa Ynez Valley and she began what would become an amazing collaboration as design curator and advisor.

Winery, Santa Ynez Valley, California

Following are some of the incredible furniture designers, artists and textile designers at Cristina Grajales’ gallery as well as installation shots from past gallery shows and exhibitions.

Sebastian Errazuriz, Nature Morte Dining Table
Pedro Barrail , Tattoo Breakfast Table
Philip & Kelvin LaVerne, Chan Bar

Cristina’s artists always have a story behind their work and honesty and integrity in the materials being used. There’s an “authenticity, honesty and originality” that she looks for when selecting new artists and designers for the gallery. She’s consistent in her selections but is also known to take risks and experiment with the juxtapositions of styles and periods of design that she shows making her exhibitions all the more exciting and seeing things in a way that wouldn’t typically be considered.

Pavilion of Art and Design, New York 2011
Hechizoo textile made of palm, aluminum and copper
Mark Welsh, Unnatural Curiosities VI

Cristina’s new show “Pegasus” will open in the gallery on May 16th through July 13th.

James Salaiz, Blind Horned Owl Bisqued earthenware with gilt varnish, 2010
Eric Rhein, Hummingbird Wire on paper, 2011

In December, Cristina has been asked by the Fairchild Gardens to show benches by 7 of her artists. Each artist will also exhibit another bench in the Design Miami show along with Hechizoo and Suzanne Tick, two extraordinary textile designers bringing the gardens inside. Worth visiting Design Miami this year for sure!

A big thank you to Lindsay Johnson for sharing these images with The Gilded Owl as well as the always inspiring Cristina Grajales, my friend and constant source for design inspiration!!

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