We are pleased to present Lauren Drescher “LUMINARIES” at THE GILDED OWL. Opening August 4th and running through September 9th at our 105 Warren Street gallery.



I have a been a collector for as long as I can remember. I am fascinated by objects which have a history, give insight into the past and have a story tell. I travel quite a bit, collecting wherever I go, disparate objects accumulate until I have a clear idea of what they will become.

As a printmaker, I am always seeking out old paper for example, antique ledgers which frequently become the staring point for new work. In particular, I love old handwriting ,spilled ink, the sense of marking time, of taking stock. Mundane as it may seem, there is something wonderful and relevant about the quotidian .

As farmers keep notes of crops and weather, store keepers record accounts and housewives mark daily travails and write lists, these documents reveal so much of their makers and capture moments in time. I avidly collect old childrens’ notebooks filled with alphabets written in shaky loopy letters, mistakes and doodles in the margins, the innocent attempts at rendering objects. I find these books full of riches.


The series Luminaries began with a 19th century French pharmacy ledger. Having long been inspired by the practice of creating a likeness with cut silhouettes I felt it relevant to use this book to incorporate a 19th century practice. This starting point evolved into silhouette like portraits in relief print. The prints were then collaged with a wealth of ephemera including children’s notebook pages , historic maps, letters, receipts, antique marbled paper, stamps etc. All collage materials used come from this period.


The personages featured are both celebrated and unknown, all created from 19th century and early 20 century sources. The portraits were finished in 22k gold by master guilder Sarah Guppy.

Bêtes Humaines is a series of drypoint etchings incorporating drawing and watercolor. In this collection both real and imagined characters invoke mythological archetypes. Familiar creatures are juxtaposed with unusual metamorphoses. There is reference to our lost connections with nature and the realm of the sentient.



In Deities, the gathering and repurposing of found objects continues. The collection of Victorian hand mirrors is each adorned with enamelled gods’ eyes discovered while traveling in India. These eyes are ubiquitous, adorning gods and roadside shrines. It seems one is never alone. Here assemblages speak of the power of icons, sentience and the recognition of the self thru the divine.

“We are neither men nor women, we are gods” unknown Hejira, Old Delhi

“I’m nobody who are you?” Emily Dickinson


Lauren Drescher “LUMINARIES” runs through September 9th.


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We opened our current show Paul Jacobsen “In Through the Outside” and Berlin Deko, a collection of furniture, lighting and objects by German architects from 1910 to 1930 this week with a stellar turnout and the installation will be on view through November 18th in our 105 Warren Street gallery.

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KLEMENS GASSER There Will Be…Without You

The Gilded Owl is pleased to announce There Will Be…Without You, an exhibition of photographs by Klemens Gasser. In his eighth solo show, Gasser presents not only an ornithological study in photography, but establishes, delicately, an existential examination of acts and awareness. Working in tandem, the two seemingly opposing tenets meld with one another as their simultaneous simplicity and complexity beam in Gasser’s offering of six monumental bird portraits.

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The Gilded Owl is pleased to announce it’s latest exhibition “THE ANATOMY OF A ROOM” in Hudson, NY.

This group show features works by master craftsmen Peter Superti, Ron Arad, Vico Magistretti, and Frederick McSwain and Brad Ascalon. The main gallery will feature a collection of pairs of chairs from 1920-1980 as well as artwork by Karl Klingbiel and Margaret Evangeline. In the other ancillary spaces table top pieces by Tommi Parzinger, Steven Holl, and Michael Graves are shown with Syliva Jaffe and Cole Italia and works by photographer Mick Rock and artwork by Sharon Brant.

And we are thrilled to present new work by jewelry designer and sculptor Jessica Carroll.

Opening November 5th from 6:00 to 8:00 pm.


The Gilded Owl is pleased to present it’s fifth exhibition titled FRAGMENTS; paintings on panel by the artist, George Hofmann. On view in the galleries are 3 bodies of work dating from 2011 & 2012, each of which refer to their respective titles including Duccio, Breviary & Hours. Following are selected works and insight from Hofmann.

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On February 27th THE GILDED OWL opened it’s fourth show The Mystery of Beauty “Il Mistero della Bellezza” in Hudson, New York.

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THE GILDED OWL is pleased to present it’s third exhibition in Hudson, New York titled BLACK / WHITE + ALEX P WHITE. Inspiration for the show comes from combining Alex P White’s design sensibility and our love of all things black & white.

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In 2001 on the way to buy my mom a birthday present, I was running down 14th street and rounded the corner onto Eighth Avenue and ran into Stephen Sprouse so hard I knocked him down onto the pavement.

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THE GILDED OWL gallery opening

On Saturday November 22nd THE GILDED OWL gallery officially opened at 105 Warren Street in Hudson, NY.  After exactly one year of renovation and construction Elizabeth Moore and I welcomed over one hundred and eighty five guests to celebrate our inaugural show in the 1785 Federal style house that is a now home to a realized version of our design, art, fashion and music journal. The brilliant Hudson based photographer Tomm Roesch documented our preparations and was on hand with us to capture the opening with his thoughtful eye.  Thank you to all who made the journey to our beautiful new gallery and here’s a glimpse into THE GILDED OWL.


Last weekend while continuing to ready The Gilded Owl gallery for a summer opening, I attended the first weekend of annual fundraising for The Dr. Oliver Bronson House in Hudson, New York.

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KEITH SONNIER / Elysian Plain + Early Works

The new Keith Sonnier show of both early works and his Elysian Plain series at Pace is sensational.

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LALANNE / The Poetry of Sculpture

On a beautiful fall day in New York I was lucky enough to catch the Les Lalanne exhibit, The Poetry of Sculpture at Sotheby’s at my friend Elizabeth Moore’s recommendation.

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ERRATUS / Stephen Appleby-Barr

I just returned from Toronto after attending Stephen Appleby-Barr’s second solo opening Erratus at Nicholas Metivier Gallery and it was sensational!

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Hank Virgona

When I moved into 41 Union Square West thirteen years ago and started my interior design business I met an artist named Hank Virgona that has inspired me ever since.

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Michael Abrams

In 2001 as one of my first projects was nearing completion, looking for art for the living room I discovered Michael Abrams work at Sears Peyton Gallery.

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Daniel Sean Murphy

Recently I had the great fortune of meeting Daniel Sean Murphy, a brilliant artist but that’s not really an accurate description of his talent.

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James Turrell / Aten Reign

Aten Reign, the new James Turrell light sculpture opened Friday night at the Guggenheim and I was there to get a first look at this incredible new work.

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Kohei Nawa

Currently on view at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is Kohei Nawa’s PixCell-Deer #24. As part of the “Designing Nature, the Rinpa Aesthetic in Japanese Art” exhibit this work can be seen through January 13.

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Emma Bennett

For my next post, I immediately thought of Emma Bennett, an artist from Wales, working in London that I think is sensational!

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Stephen Appleby-Barr

Two years ago, my partner and I purchased our first painting by Stephen Appleby-Barr from Nicholas Metivier Gallery at the PULSE Art Fair in New York.

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