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Margaret Evangeline “Bringing It Forth”

HALO 20, 2007 oil on canvas with crystallina

The Gilded Owl and Elizabeth Moore Fine Art in Hudson, NY are pleased to present a two-part exhibition of the varied abstractions of Brooklyn and Chatham-based artist Margaret Evangeline.

The first and current part “Bringing It Forth” is being held at The Gilded Owl from August 10-Sept 15th and it consists of nearly two dozen artworks painted between 1999 and 2006, as well as a table top installation of current works on paper. The second part of the program “In The Chalice” will be presented from September 21-November 24 and will consist of recent artworks by Evangeline.

ISABEL’S BURNING BLUE, 2002 oil on aluminum

Artist Statement
Bringing It Forth
Sometimes it takes a long time. What you create has to move through your entire body. It has to do that over your lifetime for you to understand or at least come close to understanding your own work.

To commemorate my relationship with Elizabeth Moore Fine Art (she first exhibited my work in Manhattan at her gallery some twenty seven years ago) and my newer relationship with Andy Goldsborough and Moore’s The Gilded Owl gallery we are showing these early paintings taken from storage. What I understand seeing these works now is my own process of opening up. Sometimes it’s explosive, sometimes it’s transparent as when I abraded metal surfaces to encourage light to animate the paint from within. This becomes a story, how light enters into matter. Not always by the same process but light often does get into matter over the years especially human material. Yes, the body seems to become translucent as we age. 

TWO & ROCAILLE VIOLET, 2002 oil on aluminum (gallery shot)

Elizabeth and Andy have settled in Columbia County ahead of me. Now that I am in Chatham we have conjoined here and I am excited to see these paintings in their meaningful spaces. They seem to belong here. It may be because my first mirror polished stainless steel panel sculpture, Gunshot Landscape, 2003, I marked up with local gunshot from a rifle borrowed from a neighboring farmer and is part of The Fields’ permanent collection at ART OMI, Ghent, NY.

If these paintings show signs of destructive force it emerges from an urgency felt in the body. It has longing in it. It has heat in it that comes from the American South. I find painting useful in countering early years of suppression.

In my art practice I often begin working with specific meditation methods to keep myself in the present. Mine is an imperfect practice. Memories sometimes flash through my mind like lightning and at other times like falling rain.

Margaret Evangeline
Chatham, NY