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voukenas petrides

The Gilded Owl is pleased to present voukenas petrides, our first show of the Spring on April 6th, 2019. Furniture designer Andreas Voukenas and architect Steven Petrides have created a group of six new plaster and metal sculptures (chairs, tables and lamps) as well as two new open wire mesh sculptures (a coffee table and console table) on-site in a house in Hudson, NY. The pieces were fabricated over the course of one month and then finished and sealed in the gallery. The new works explore tear and organic shapes that are inherent to the metal lathe sub structure and then layers of plaser are applied to give them strength and form.

Steven Petrides layering plaster over the metal forms
tear tube chair

The new steel wire mesh sculptures are masterfully sewn together and reinforced internally to give structure to the open forms. The end results interplay with light and shadow against the wall while at the same time become functional furniture pieces.

cosine console table
cosine console table detail
cantilever armchair
kissing circles coffee table
splayed tube floor lamp

Voukenas Petrides is a design studio based in New York and Athens.  Furniture designer Andreas Voukenas and architect Steven Petrides combine their talents to produce poetic furniture designs for the home and office.  Greek Andreas Voukenas holds a bachelors degree in interior architecture and product design from the Athens University of Applied Science.  American Steven Petrides holds a master of architecture from Columbia University.  Their diverse portfolio includes stools, side tables, chairs, and installations.  Each furniture piece is hand fabricated and finished in their Athens workshop.  Their timeless designs reflect Steven’s interest in structure, materiality, light, and space, making each design a work of art. Their design objects are functional and inspirational in their ability to test the laws of gravity, balance, cantilever, and even the infinite.  Andreas and Steven live and work in New York and Athens where they operate their design workshop.

Steven Petrides and Andreas Voukenas

For further information please contact

voukenas petrides @hudson will be on view through June 2019 at our 318 Warren Street location.