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KLEMENS GASSER There Will Be…Without You

The Gilded Owl is pleased to announce There Will Be…Without You, an exhibition of photographs by Klemens Gasser. In his eighth solo show, Gasser presents not only an ornithological study in photography, but establishes, delicately, an existential examination of acts and awareness. Working in tandem, the two seemingly opposing tenets meld with one another as their simultaneous simplicity and complexity beam in Gasser’s offering of six monumental bird portraits.

There Will Be Common Grackles Without You 11:43 AM, 2013 c-print on Fujiflex edition of 5 (+1AP) 48 x 72 inches

Taken with a handheld camera, forgoing the standard long-lens, high definition, hyper-saturated stereotype of standard nature photography, these portraits further pronounce the swift and often fleeting nature of the human state through the image of the bird. Frequently, the viewer finds themselves in a parallel gaze with the birds, as Gasser demonstrates the stark solitude of an animal innate to abiding by group nature.

As artist, as subject, as spectator, Gasser raises a question that transcends the ability to answer but one bit: which observes first- the subject or the artist? While that prominent unknown lingers, the viewer can only discern their place as the final observer, mimicking the intrinsic, ontological symmetries between Klemens Gasser’s work and the birds captured by his lens.

There Will Be…Without You opened Saturday, June 17th, 2017 at The Gilded Owl, located at 105 Warren Street in Hudson, New York and will be on display until August 20th.

There Will Be Franklin’s Gulls Without You 6:22 PM, 2015 c-print of Fujiflex edition of 5 (+1AP) 48 x 72 inches


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All 27 images available can be viewed below

There Will Be Snowy Owls Without You 10:06 am, edition of 5 (+1AP) 2013 48 x 72 inches